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Nice mustache DAD!
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He used to stand in front of my face as I was sat down then open his dressing gown to reveal his thick, hard dick. He’d hold my head and fuck my mouth, slamming his furry groin against my face, grunting aggressively till he came.

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Thats a big DADDY

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just for daddy

just for daddy

Fucking hotttt…Like daddies with mustache!

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Fucking hotttt…Like daddies with mustache!

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 My big Black Dick makes a cock-sucker feel special. 

   Licking, slurping, tasting. the feel of hard Dick in your mouth makes you soar. On your knees like a good boy, a strong hand moves your head back and forth until the instinct in your slutty soul takes over and your lips begin their journey to make Dick flood. The seed is the reward, you want it more than anything else. When your girl sucks you off you know you can do better, you want to be her, you love the way she looks when she sucks Dick and that makes you crave the feeling of being a good cock-sucker. 

   The pussy you fuck feels good but you think of sucking Dick while you fuck her and that makes her cum hard, she’ll never know the reason you can make her moan and that doesn’t matter. The next time you fuck her you’ll smell like a Man and have the taste of cum on your lips and secretly she knows but she doesn’t mind as long as you’re a good boyfriend for her snatch. While you fuck her you wonder how My cum will taste in her pussy, you’ll fuck her harder trying to see what a real Man will make her flesh do. The idea of sharing her with a hard Man makes you so rigid you can’t stop pounding her but deep down inside you want to offer her to a Man so you can drink the endless flow of cum her snatch will make a Man spew, so you can linger inside her cum filled pussy and feast for all the protein she can make a Man deposit.

   Reading My words makes you stiff. I know you learned to suck Dick long ago and you have never gotten over how nasty that felt, how degrading it was to have a Man shove His Dick down your throat and make you suck like a little cum hungry bitch just like you have your girl suck. But you loved it after your belly gave into the feeling of a full load being emptied into your hunger. The feeling of the seed traveling down your throat, the hot, milky lust that sent your limp Dick into a frenzy. That made you hard enough to fuck your girl, that made you feel like someone who can please, that gave you the courage to know you’re born to suck a Man off and be His cock-loving bitch. 

   Tell Me about the first time you sucked Dick. The more you write, the more you’ll remember the sensations. Describe the scene, how old you were, and who you sucked off. Then write about the first time you fed your girl. Compare notes, compare sensations, compare how when you sucked Dick and your girl sucked you off, compare how you both looked, felt, and what it turned you into. If you impress Me, maybe I’ll let you show Me how much you’ve learned over the years, how going to college gave you the ability to suck off many hard males and feed on their need. 

   Can you suck Dick better than your girlfriend? When you suck hard Dick do you just move your head up and down in a rapid pace? If so the you’re not sucking Dick, you’re having a hard Man in your mouth. A cock-sucker should have skills and ability. A good blow job is like fucking a wet woman whose pussy loves to dance on Dick. A cock-sucker should move its head like its mother fucks, she likes feeling Dick in every fold of her snatch, she likes taking it hard then slowly sliding up and down so the sensations can reach deep inside her soul. A white piece of ass like your mom grinds her hips down on Dick to try to take the whole thing in then lets her pussy coat the Dick with her juices, and makes the Dick wet so it can go deeper. When a cock-sucker feeds it should tongue the shaft while telling the Man how good Dick tastes, slurping on the balls makes a Man shudder, kissing the head of the Dick all the way down to the sack while telling the Man you’ll do whatever the Man wants as long as He allows you to swallow, wear, or feel hot cum being released from pent up balls. At this point a cock-sucker’s mouth is there to replace pussy, suction and deep loving slurping makes a Man’s shaft twitch and shake and that is how a Man chums. The feeling of wet, warm, and loving flesh milking Dick until the Man can no longer hold back and deny this hungry mouth a good meal. If a cock-sucker can only duplicate the feeling of hands jerking Dick off then the cock-sucker fails to do its job, it can’t please, it can only pretend to be worth the time it kneels while the Man has to think hard about other things to make Dick cum. A cock-sucker should be in total control of the ride Dick takes in its mouth, to offer the very best pleasure a cum hungry bitch can offer, to be better than its mom’s wet and quite needy pussy. Otherwise the Black Dick you hunger for will fuck your mom, your wife, your girl, while you sit in the corner like a baby, crying because you’re not good enough.

   Are you disrespecting Men by not giving them the best service a mouth can offer? No wonder you’re starving for attention, you’re pathetic.

   A Man gets hard for female flesh. A sissy cock-sucking cum slut has to be much more entertaining than female form. To dress like a hungry bitch, to sound, to feel, to have the feminine needs that make a Man hard is what it takes to kneel for a Man. Thinking you’re better than a female leaves you hungry, doesn’t it slut. When did you last feed? That says it all. A white girl can suck as much Dick as she wants if she looks good enough for a Back Man to leer at while she drinks her favorite flavor. A white female moans while sucking Dick and the feeling of her low tones while her warm mouth bathes My Dick is sublime. Knowing the cock-sucking slut is getting off like a rocket while she sucks My Dick sends shivers up and down My spine and makes My balls work harder to reward her devotion, her care, the love she shows My dick. That is the kind of cock-sucker that I feed well, i feed often, I feed with more seed than needed to breed her womb. A cock-sucking white boy will have to work even harder to take the feelings she offers and make them a more luxurious ride down cum hungry throat parkway. Black Dick isn’t just Dick, its better. Sucking Black Dick isn’t your birth right, its something you have to work for. If you can’t do a good job your sister will because her hunger for protein is much larger than yours, its in her genetic code to be drenched in seed and she will do whatever it takes to drink in volumes. If you can’t do a good job your mom will replace you in the video booths and make the Black Dick around her feed her never ending hunger while your dad sits back and watches because he’s not as good a pleasure than she is. If you can’t suck Black Dick in worship, adoration, and a deep love for the Black Dick you crave kneeling for then the girl you date, the girl you work with, the sister you talk to every now and then will drain them while you starve. Black Dick isn’t waiting for you to get ready, you’re not worthy of that much attention. Black Dick doesn’t care what you want because in the end I know all that matters to you is having hard Black Dick in your mouth so you can prove you’re good enough to have a load for your meal. Black Dick knows you’re a sissy, knows you’re willing to suck for as long as need be to take the load, knows you’re a nasty little bitch who will betray white females to replace them as cum vessels harvesting the best food source the world knows. 

   Argue these points if you’d like. The bottom line is how much cum is slut drinking on a daily basis compared to how much cum the white females you know consume? Go ahead and say that’s not relevant nor has it bearing when it comes to sucking Black Dick but in the end when the white female wipes the last drop of hot cum off her lips to lick her finger clean and you’re there leering at her, jealousy she got to drain balls of a real Man, then it will all hit. I know you’ll go home and jerk off like a little boy seeing his first porn film, and that shows just how much others want you for sexual pleasure. you can’t even satisfy yourself.

   Call your mom and ask her how best to suck Dick. Its time you and she had that conversation. Its in your best interest, if you want to feed that is.


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